Palin, Supermom or Self-absorbed?

Hey Sarah Palin, impress me, I dare you?  I keep waiting for the rest of the story, the “why” behind the nomination, the reason, the motivation, so far I’ve come up short.  Maybe there are more articles I should read, I don’t know, I’m doing my best to follow along.  I am very much looking forward to the debates, I want to see how this woman responds on her feet.  So far, in my humble opinion, she seems rote.

Social media is alive and kicking but it still isn’t the mainstream of how we get our news. Some of the most intelligent opinions are being expressed through blogs, etc, but this information seems to be falling into a black hole of sorts.  Is our country ready for change?  God I hope so, I have a really open mind about change but I hope the change that happens is not electing McCain and Palin to the white house just because there is a woman on the ticket.  Now, before you accuse me of being a hypocritical democrat, let me tell you, if she was a highly intelligent qualified woman, I would be all for it and then some.  Hey Sarah, guess what, no one knows you!  And your resume in my opinion isn’t that stellar. Mayor, Governor, PTA president, beauty pageant winner, baby maker and animal killer, interesting?  Why would you accept this nomination?  Don’t you think you have a few personal irons in the fire? Seems to me this might not be the right time to delve all of your efforts into drilling, teaching creation in school, and shooting wildlife.  If it were me, not that I have all the answers, but I think I would spend sometime with my impending grandbaby and put some thought into how to help my daughter maneuver her way through this world as a single-teenage parent.  I might even volunteer my time for National Association of Downs Syndrome. I don’t know, just a thought.

Yes, husbands/fathers are allowed to raise kids, they are probably in most cases very good at it, they bring a totally different set of ideas, rules and day to day than Mom.  That’s not my beef, so don’t beat me up on the feminist or non-feminist movement, just know that I am more than pleased that women can run for office, that Dad’s will raise kids, and that it all can happen and you can stay married and be a united front for your children and your career.  I want to meet Todd Palin.  He must be a hell of a guy.  I LOVE this idea, I wonder if it will work?  It is one thing to get up, go to work, come home and 5:00 p.m. and be a Mom.  It is a whole other thing to fly off to Kuwait for three weeks.

Michelle had me at hello, so really, Sarah, impress me, I dare you.  And, if you win, I want to interview you in 4 years to see what you have to say about your time in office and frankly to see if you are still married.


DNC-day in the life.

Although my blog is DNC After Dark, I haven’t been hugely political…till now.

I have to say, I LOVE being in the action, any action really, just love the ‘see and be seen’ nature of life.  I spent the majority of the day in downtown yesterday, it was, hmm, in a word, AMAZING!  I love watching our city come alive, people everywhere, really nice people who are here from all over, which makes that even cooler in my opinion.  Yes, I saw policemen who were schlepping more weaponry than an arsenal, but they were also nice as can be, as long as you weren’t pushing T-shirts without a permit, flinging poo, or getting rowdy.  So be it, right?

I spent a lot of time at the EV Rolling Showcase at Champa and Speer, checking out the very cool electric cars, including the Tesla (and yes, I sat in it and had my picture taken-cheese!) In the same area was the Solar House that was a submission from University of Colorado, solar ovens, and a wind turbine prop-so cool and very interesting, I must say.

The buzz of the afternoon took me into the evening, to end my night listening to Michelle Obama’s speech!  OK, she totally rocked it, hands down, no take backs!  She is an incredibly articulate woman who was poignant, real and a huge supporter of her husband as the leader of this country.  Her appeal to the woman who is a wife, mother, sister-along with having a career, being entrenched in philanthropy and constantly striving to be the best-is very very attractive.

As you can tell, big Obama fan, actually would like to hangout with them, they seem really fun and interesting and I bet our kiddos would be fast friends….who know’s they may be supporting each other in 30 years on some political level.  And that my friends, is how I want my world to look!

Music with a message!

I had the honor and pleasure of attending “Green Sunday” at Red Rocks last night!  What an amazing event, kudos to the DNC Host Committee for putting on such a great program!  The line-up of musicians and speakers were fabulous!

Sitting in Red Rocks is inspiring in and of itself-coupled with inspiring speakers and musicians-out of this world!  If I lived anywhere but here last night, I would be packing up and heading to Denver!  A typically beautiful night in the front range, stars were illuminating the sky and our local government was poignant, funny and motivating!  Three cheers for Denver!!!

I have to say, I was taken aback by seeing and hearing Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in person!  What an experience and definitely a check in the box for things to do before I’m 40!  William McDonough gave an impressive speech on sustainability.  The overall sentiment of the “Greening of America” was one that I don’t mind hearing over and over again.  It is our future, there is no other alternative!

Sheryl Crow was down to earth, amazingly beautiful and sounded terrific, great opener to get the crowd pumped.  Sugarland rocked it with their bluegrass style and amazing vocal range, Dave Matthews Band killed it on the acoustics.  Just to watch them play the guitar like that, wow, incredible!

Looking forward to the rest of the week, but that was an amazing start!

Barack you ROCK!

Random thoughts and 411 on the DNC.

Open the newspaper today and it is just a barrage of DNC news.  Lot’s of interesting facts about how “green” the event is going to be, where local celebs, politico’s and the sort like to hang out, street closures, free bike use, how the event will be covered, and the happenings of the Big Tent!  Phew… I feel totally and completely informed!  Way to go Denver Post/Rocky Mountain News!

A lot of talk surrounding Obama’s choice of a running mate in Biden.  Don’t you love those people that are like, I totally knew it was going to be Biden!  Thanks, arm chair quarterback!  If you were fortunate enough to score a ticket to the acceptance speech on Thursday and have enough patience to sort through all of street closures, etc…I think it is going to be well worth your all day dedication to getting there.

OK, so what I did find really interesting was the social media bend.  And of course that caught my eye, as that is a big part of what I do everyday.  The convention being covered not only by local news and world news, but minute by minute through blogger’s, tweeter’s, and texter’s.  Do you think the local paper will eventually turn into one big tweet, in lots of 140 character segments?  I hope not actually, there is still something I love about reading the paper, sorting through all the articles I want to read, turning the pages, critiquing the writing style, etc…I just don’t think you get all that electronically when you are looking for the “whole story experience..”  However, I absolutely love Twitter and the like, and I think it is very cool to pop out a thought, a tiny url, a twitpic -and I love that during the week when I don’t have th luxury of turning the pages of the paper that the convention for me will be depicted in quick, to the point, tweets.  There is a great article I just read this morning about New Media and the effects it is having on how news is disseminated, whether government will be attuned to New Media and how the general public will accept New Media.  Check it out here.

Enjoy the craziness, the historical factor, the interesting diversity our city will display in the next week, the efforts into greening this convention, the use of social media as a form of news, the all around buzz that Denver will possess.  Have patience-stay away if you don’t- and enjoy history in the making!

Go Obama!

Brothels, six shooters, saloons and other myths we should probably dispel!

Yeah, lured you in with the Brothels, didn’t we?

I really liked this article, Denver: Rocky Mountain hip.  What is the deal with Denver being called “the old west”, I mean maybe back in 1908, but it is a century later, and that get’s a big WTF in my book?  I’m glad that someone took the time to write an article advising people to leave their cowboy boots at home!  I am from Texas (and yes, I will admit that freely!) and was REALLY glad to leave my boots on the curb when I moved “west” in 1994.  So, perception, perhaps, especially if you’re from Connecticut this is definitely the old west, but not from Nacogdoches, TX, home of trucks (really big trucks), confederate flags and rifles…so Denver, old west?…not so much!  Yes, we “pony up” a lot, but it is for all things good, riding bikes to work, utilizing mass transportation, recycling, taking advantage of locally grown organic foods, ok, this wasn’t meant to go on the “green” bandwagon, just a moment to comment on the fact, that Denver is hip and I’m glad someone took notice!  Thanks, Seattle!

Greening the DNC-but not with human feces please!

I don’t think human feces works the same as cow feces for the purposes of fertilizer?

I have read so many articles lately in the local papers, where truly I think every reporter just needs to “tag” the DNC somehow.  But really guys, are we really publishing stories about not bringing “pee and poo” to the DNC?  This is not newsworthy, and as a collaborative discussion amongst my colleagues, we decided this was highly impossible as we are all our own vessels.  I understand having a “zero waste” event but now we are going too far!  Yes, yes, I realize the underlying issue of protesters and all the lengths they will go to,  but poo?  Really?  Go ahead, talk your shit, but we don’t want to see it! I actually wasn’t even going to “go here” but I couldn’t resist.

So, while we are on the subject of “browning” er “greening” our conference, let’s chat about a few things.  What makes a conference “green”?  It sure as hell isn’t flying in 40,000 people from all over the world.  It isn’t rebuilding the Pepsi Center, to then fill the landfill full of scrap, it probably isn’t looking at our city on August 29th, to find silly hats littered all over Larimer.  Oh sure, you saw a recycle bin here and there and Eco-Products is supplying all of the compost-able disposables (Good on you Eco-Products!) So a big cheer for these “moves” in the right direction.  But let’s be honest to have a truly “green” event, it should be a web-cast.

Now let me catch you on the flip-side before you all freak out!  I LOVE that we are showcasing our city, I think it will be a wonderful boost to the economy, downtown will be a rockin’, local businesses will be doing their thing, hopefully giving validity to the already fantastic buzz Denver has been receiving for great restaurants, cool culture, amazing architecture and the best people on the planet.

So, here is what I ask, before you “fling poo” all over our city, come and check it out, I know you will think it ROCKS, regardless of if you disagree with the platforms that are being discussed in three days.  We have to live here the other 362 days!  Be as green as you can, but leave your brown where we can’t see it!  Thanks!

If you are interested in the Big Blue Bear…then we need to talk.

There has been a lot of buzz about “What to do in Denver during the DNC.”  I’m actually astonished at all the query.  Of course, when you plan a vacation, you research all things your destination has to offer.  However when you attend a convention for business, do you really care?  Aside, from knowing great restaurants that are in close proximity to your hotel room, I’m never in search of the largest ball of twine!

Yes, we would like Denver to shine and to showcase Colorado as the beautiful state that it is, so hey delegates, wake up, open your curtains and look West, I can guarantee you won’t get that view in New York!  However, if you think you are going to have loads of time on your hands, then I suppose you should check out articles such as this one.  But what I would really recommend is checking out sites that are giving you the latest and greatest on events surrounding the DNC, the parties to be at, the concerts at Red Rocks, the general buzz that is going to be in the city…that’s where you will get the best local flavor!